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Working with Us

Trading for shiny things

There are 4 ways you can work with us and gain credit for shiny things.

1.  Provide models / photoshoots for the online catalog
2. Post on your own social media about products you purchased from us with yourself or someone else wearing/using them
3. Provide reviews / try on videos on youtube or similar
4. Use our products in other works with references to our brand.   (ie. music videos, television etc)


Providing photoshoots and image material for our catalog

Please read our image standards here these provide the specifications for what we can accept.    Please do not submit images for consideration that do not meet these standards 

A signed model and copyright release is required before we can publish photos.  Those can be downloaded from the links below 

Remittance is usually provided in a discount for the next purchase.   Typically we will offer a $10 discount for a group of product photos.   (I.e. multiple poses for the same product)    These can stack so if you shoot multiple products we can provide either a larger discount amount or multiple smaller discounts

Social Media

,Quantifying social media influence is difficult at best so we’ve tried to make a system that is as good and fair as practical given the state of the art with the current technology.   

We use multiple systems to judge social media influence  phlanx, inflact and SocialBlade are the three main ones for IG, Twitter and others.     Specifically, we look for active engagements, replies and other engagement events 

Our normal cooperation model in this situation is that you pay in full for your first order; then we set up some tags and links that we can track, and share those so all of us can follow the data. Based on the results of this we can offer consideration going forward with future sales. This isn’t the only way, as we made exceptions to this when there is a clear path to generating more sales which can be found in the statistics.. For us it’s all about branding and sales.

We are very much about numbers.  If think you’ve got a very influential social media account and you want to us to consider an alternative cooperation method, please pass it through analytics software.  If the ratios of engagements are high we’d probably be interested in talking to you  more directly.

Basic consideration on this works as follows:  $1 discount per 1000 engagements within the first 90 days on the links that we provide and $10 per trackable unit sales which are > $100 per order.  We track via Mixpanel which we’ve found to be very accurate

Provide video reviews on our products on your video/social media 

We love reviews of our products, as long as they are good, well thought out, and accurate.    We offer consideration in the form of a direct one-time $25 discount on your next order from us that’s > $100 for social media reviews that include pictures and $50 for videos that are 4k or better and > 3 minutes in length.     We only support youtube videos for this program right now; tiktok and reels are under consideration and if you have an idea about something here reach out to us and vie us your thoughts 

Working with us in your media production

  We’d love to work with you on your media productions, we can provide custom made to measure products and set pieces all the way to full onsite custom work and technical support.   Since this is an area that is quite diverse its best that you set up a time with us to have a conversatiion about your project.

We’ve worked with multiple production houses and can provide references on request  

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