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Made to Measure

How to get the perfect fit for your shiny things!

Our Patented Made to Measure management system is the simplest in the business.     Once you create an account and enter your data its always there.    Besides a normal size list of S/M/L etc  each persons measurement will appear in the size dropdown and be saved as part of your order!    This way you can use (and reuse) the same measurements over and over again.


First you need to register or login (you can do that by clicking here)


Once Logged in (or registered and logged in) go to the “my account” tab in the store.  This is where all your information is kept from orders to measurements.



Next you can go to the “Persons” tab within your account. This is how you manage the people inside your measurements list



The first time you come to this page you are only able to add a person to your account.    Just click the blue add button


Ok a lot of stuff here


First name your Person  Use something unique that you can remember.  Firstname+Lastname is always good  (this goes in the gold circle)

Next the order (in the blue circle) is how they will appear in the size list of the product.  If its just you, you can leave it as the default, but if you are managing many people you might want to number them in the order you want them to appear.

Lastly, enter your measurements, they can be in metric (prefered) or the kings measurements (inch)  [this is the green arrow]

If there is something special you want us to know, put that in the notes at the bottom.  But there’s not a lot of room so be brief!

Lastly, do not measure yourself, you can’t do it.    Have someone help you!

We’ve got a couple of videos here that can help but if there are questions we would be happy to answer them.  Just click the link at the bottom of the page and ask away!


Once your person is made, you can see them in this tab.  You can edit the size sheets to make changes or delete the person from your account forever. 

This next bit is important.   Once you place an order with us the made to measure sheet you selected is made part of the order.   Any further changes here will *NOT* change a previously placed order; only future orders.    If you need to change a previously placed email you’ll need to open a support ticket or email [email protected] with your order number and instructions to change it based on an update you made here


Now when you purchase a product your Person will show up as an optional size. 

To have the product made to measure with that persons measurements in your account just select them in place of a standard size and its good to go! 

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