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How we get stuff to you


We have 3 primary shipping methods which will be deplayed to you on checkout.  These are major international common carriers.   These are available across the world


In some locations alternative carriers may appear at checkout.  These are more narrow and may only deliver to certain addresses.    We cannot change this; even if you “know” a carrier could deliver to you, they may not have all the right systems in place for us to use them.   In short, during checkout, you are provided a list of all the carriers we can use to deliver to you.    You are free to choose from any of them.


We do not “mark up” the rates that these carriers cost us in the shipping to you.  You pay what we pay.     We will provide tracking one the item is on the way to you via the email you checked out with.

We only ship to the registered address on your payment method.   We will not ship to a 3rd party address.  Please don’t ask, we hate saying no to people.    This is for your safety as well as ours.


Our packaging is unlabled and is as descrete as possible given the constraints that the shippers allow us to operate with.   You will not see our logo or our name on the box itself – it will be blank.  The shipping manifest and other required documents will have this as there is no way to avoid it.  Though we do not put our website or anything else on the documents.   


Everyone hates to pay taxes, we do too.  However like death its a fact of life.  We ship via international carriers and they will report the imported value to your local customs offices.  

In most countries you will owe this tax.  Some countries have a personal exemption.  Either way though we cannot help you with this.  Please do not ask us to provide a shipping manifest with a different price than you paid.  This can get us all in trouble and will make us quite sad if we loose the ability to ship into your country.      If you don’t like the taxes we can sympathize, but you’d need to take it up with local royalty as we have no power here.


We will refuse to accept returns due to tax payment issues.   You owe this, we do not.  If you attempt to return a package because of this we will not accept it back and we will no longer do business with you as we’ve warned you about this all over the site.

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