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Wire Transfer

How to send money to pay for your shiny things

Wire Transfers

The USA is not part of the European IBAN system.   So we have to do this the old school way. Thats called a “SWIFT” or “BIC” transfer


in order to send a wire transfer to us please use the following:


ABA/Routing # is 111000614 (typically only north american transfers need this)
Account # is 207953617
Account Name is Catfish Imports (or GlanZig which is our DBA .. you can also use the old LatexCatfish name)

Account Address is : 120 East FM 544 #72-354,  Murphy Texas 75094 (USA)

Our Bank information is as follows: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.  206 W FM 544 Murphy, TX 75094

You must put the order number in the reference for the wire, and you must email [email protected] with your SWIFT receipt number so we can match things up.

Failure to do this may delay or lose your order!  If you have questions please email them to [email protected]

NOTE: We do not support DFT (Direct Funds Transfer) as these will get lost.    Please either use a SWIFT transfer or eCheck 


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    Catfish Imports LLC
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    +1 (903) 904-0007

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