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The Dirty Maid

The Dirty Maid Latex Uniforms


Grab a bucket and a mop because things are about to get very wet in this dress. You’ll spill things on purpose just to get an extra glimpse of the floors being scrubbed in this outfit. Luckily the latex will prevent any stains from setting in so you can continue working and keeping the boss happy.

    SKU: GSD-D-1016

      Base Price $149.00 USD


      Knee length skirt, white “faux” suspender trim and cute black buttons go along with the ‘bow-tie’ effect of the front support to provide a modern maid / uniform look If you want but the oversleeve separately,here’s the link:https://store.glanzig.com/gsd-a-8005.html

      SKU: GSD-D-1016

        Base $149.00

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