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Doctor Domination

Doctor Domination Latex Uniforms


You have a fever and are in need of medical attention. You need a specialist. You’re fever needs to be dominated. You need Doctor Domination. One of our more naughty suits. This is for lovers that need to be cured of their sexual frustration. Well, good news. The doctor is in and will see you and he’s calling for 5 cc’s of naughty. This total coverage loose surgery style catsuit, comes with attached socks and removable gloves. From when you want to take a more Hands-On approach. 100 apples a day won’t keep this doctor away. Hurry get yours now. The doctor is about to operate.

    SKU: GSD-U-1002

      Base Price $141.00 USD


      A total coverage loose “surgery” style back zip catsuit .. lots of movement in there with attached socks and gloves (which you can remove with the options to the right) Attached hood (also removable) gives you that ready for operating, or working any “dirty” job that comes to mind

      SKU: GSD-U-1002

        Base $141.00

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