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Cash Crunch Queen

Cash Crunch Queen Latex Catsuit


Tired of just serving up ordinary laughs? Well, buckle up and slip into our Cash Crunch Queen catsuit, inspired by the iconic waitress outfit from the 2 Broke Girls TV show! This ensemble is a hilarious homage to the sassy and quick-witted waitresses Max and Caroline, ready to dish out humor and style all night long. With this costume, you’ll be serving up sass and smiles faster than a greased lightning! The costume features a flirty apron that make it look like you are ready for some seriously amusing kitchen adventures. It’s the perfect blend of naughty and nice, just like Max herself. The ensemble is accessorized with a side order of whimsical flair. Whether you’re cracking jokes, taking orders, or just having a grand old time, this catsuit guarantees non-stop laughter and good vibes. It’s perfect for costume parties, Halloween shenanigans, or even surprising your friends with your witty banter at the local diner.

    SKU: GSD-C-8012

      Base Price $149.00 USD


      This is a back zip latex catsuit with red strips and an apron .. The default is yellow with red trimmings, but you can change it to whatever you’d like and – of course – contact us for customizations or other ideas!

      SKU: GSD-C-8012

        Base $149.00

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