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Sporty Sue

Sporty Sue Latex Dress


Throw a curve-ball in this sporty two-toned dress and get them on the run as you score a lucky strike.

    SKU: WYR-D-0010

      Base Price $119.99 USD


      Sporty Sue is a team player and in this sporty dress, she’s sure to get a winning strike! This curvy, streamlined outfit will show off your best features, with its figure-hugging silhouette guaranteed to get the crowds cheering. The two-tone style accentuates your waist with the contrasting side panels clinching extra points, and the high neck and short sleeves give a sporty finish. The mini length dress reveals your athletic talents and shows that you are on the ball when it comes to getting what you want. Aim to win and take your team to the top in this playful ‘catch me if you can’ design. Back zip two-tone dress with 1/3rd length sleeves and contrasting trim color. This dress does not come with the accessories or shoes that our model is wearing. Colors: Main: Green Trim: White Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: WYR-D-0010

        Base $119.99

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