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Southern Belle

Southern Belle Latex Dress


This conservative yet sexy peace can be worn out on the town or in the bedroom. Be a sexy southern belle wherever you choose. Be the belle of the ball or the dirty girl in the bedroom with the southern belle outfit. This super cute skirt comes with buckle bands that can be purchased separately. It also has a ring collar much like a choke collar that will keep her feeling naughty no matter where she’s sporting this piece. This outfit is certain to be loved from first-timers to experience lovers and everything in between.

    SKU: GSD-D-8001

      Base Price $128.00 USD


      Mechanical Description: A cute “skater” dress style with a unique ring collar and back zip. The flowing skirt folds in onto itself but will flow and expand with you every move. The buckle bands come with this outfit and can also be purchased separately

      SKU: GSD-D-8001

        Base $128.00

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