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Sailor Sue

Sailor Sue Latex Dress


Set sail with this nautical-inspired dress and show them your sea legs in a nifty little number designed to make them go overboard with desire.

    SKU: FDW-D-0009

      Base Price $139.99 USD


      Sail the seven seas with this naughty nautical dress and tie your admirers in sailor’s knots with the unique lace-up detail at the front. The revealing navy collar design with its red trim, petite bow and white stripes is a playful detail guaranteed to command attention. The long cuffed sleeves and hem also feature the nautical-style trim with an A-line flared skirt promising land ahoy! Finishing just above the knee, the dress has a back-zip for easy dressing and when you step on board in this outfit, all hands will definitely be on deck and awaiting your orders. Our cute navy-style back-zip dress has a small bow and dramatic nautical neckline with laces at the front and cut just above the knee. Available in two colors, our model is wearing the white version with red trim and ribbon. Colors: Main: White Trim: Red Ribbon: Red Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: FDW-D-0009

        Base $139.99

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