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Rose Garden

Rose Garden Latex Dress


Rose GArden Dress Designer: Schokomaus

    SKU: LLS-DRNV2180

      Base Price $130.00 USD


      Dress with style

      Compliment your look with this all-new latex dress in an exquisite combination. The unique dress has the best styling abilities because it is tailored in such a way that you can carry it with style. Get yourself styled in a unique latex dress and you will love your doll look. This latex dress shows off your features elegantly.

      Why you will love this latex dress?

      • The dress is as beautiful as a flower and it will turn you into an eye-catcher
      • We have given the Rose Garden dress additional touches thanks to the Electric Rose neckband and the Rose Garden wristband
      • Thanks to the magical cut, your figure will be under the spotlight. At the back, there is a long, concealed zipper that guarantees comfortable dressing and undressing
      • Loose-fitting, short sleeves caress your shoulders. A highlight of the Rose Garden dress is the flounce at the bottom end, making it look playful
      • The flounce playfully caresses your legs, flounce included, and the dress reaches just above the knees. The one-of-a-kind eye-catcher is the giant neckline that will wonderfully emphasize your breasts
      • The chest area is finished in a different color and is slightly gathered in the middle thanks to a ribbon. This neckline is ideal for large breasts. However, even small breasts are perfectly showcased in it
      • The Rose Garden dress is lovingly hand-made down to the smallest detail. The dress is elaborately glued and perfectly finished
      • Pictured in the main color electric rose and contrasting color white. Available in all color combinations
      • Only dress,other accessories don’t include.

      SKU: LLS-DRNV2180

        Base $130.00

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