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Rockabilly Dream

Rockabilly Dream Latex Dress


Rockabilly Dream Latex Dress Designer: Schokomaus

    SKU: LLS-DRNV2090

      Base Price $135.00 USD


      Opt for a princess look

      A dress that is actually made to give you a look like a princess. Defined every parameter beautifully to cater to your need. Prettify yourself with this unique outfit and get your audience to indulge in you.

      Why you will love this latex dress?

      • The Rockabilly Dream Dress is going to take You back to a time long gone
      • Being a big retro fan, as of now this dress belongs to my selected favorite items
      • This dress is a glamorous GEM and will definitely place you at the center of the next party. Rockabilly dress is very playful, sugar-sweet, something for the very brave because with no effort, the dress will place you directly under the spotlight
      • waisted dress, inserted breast cups of your preferred size guarantee a perfect fit
      • original and elaborately processed puff sleeves nicely spice up the dress
      • a small ribbon bow, inserted in-between the breast cups, adorns the neckline and turns it into an eye-catcher
      • The dress is slim fit down to the waistline – from the hips down, the Rockabilly Dream dress is wide-rocking, caressing your hips with latex
      • The skirt part is pleated – The dress can also be matched with a petticoat. – select a preferred contrasting color for the sleeve openings, skirt edge, and the breast-cup borders
      • Rockabilly Dream Dress? the absolute highlight is certainly the myriad dots that adorn the entire dress. This dress is entirely hand-made – for every single dot is lovingly applied by hand through adhesive bonding, in order to obtain a perfect result – elaborately and carefully glued
      • on the rear side, a short, hidden zipper is applied, to allow you to slip smoothly into this sweet dress. the dress is displayed in the main color bubblegum pink and contrasting color Bordeaux
      • the original little dress is available in all color combinations – So Don’t set any limits to your fantasy – The matching gloves are also available in our shop.

      SKU: LLS-DRNV2090

        Base $135.00

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