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Red Riding Hood Costume

Red Riding Hood Costume Latex Dress


Red Riding Hood Costume Designer: Schokomaus

    SKU: LLS-DRNV2200

      Base Price $210.00 USD


      Chic outfit for an elegant look

      Do you love to recreate your look with a unique outfit? This latex costume will cover you completely without any flaw in your look. You can choose this optimal dress for any occasion to make yourself look different from others. The stylish dress is tailored to cater to your trendy needs.

      Why you will love this costume?

      Little Red Riding Hood has always been one of my favourite fairy tales

      – I am sure that many of you will have thought at least once how nice it would be to slip into the role of Little Red Riding Hood

      – with this sweet Little Red Riding Hood outfit, the transformation doesn’t feel bad at all

      – You can now let your very own Little Red Riding Hood fantasy run free

      – The Little Red Riding Hood outfit consists of three parts – Dress – Basque – Latex Cape


      – dreamlike, single-coloured dirndl dress

      – the plain dress has a very slim-fitting cut down to the waist

      – below the waist, the short, wide-swinging skirt wonderfully caresses your thighs with latex

      – the narrow straps confer the dress a cool correct fit

      – the “Sexy Babe” dirndl is crafted in a slightly round shape below the breasts, so as to allow the breasts to come into their own

      – the item can also be worn as a topless dress

      – the dirndl dress is high-necked on the back side – a long, high-quality, inserted zipper lets you comfortably slip into the dirndl dress

      – the unique features are the inserted eyelets that achieve a cool lacing effect. a latex lace of the same colour as the pinafore can be threaded in the eyelets. The matching lace is included with this item

      – An additional lace for the dirndl dress in a different colour is also available on request Dindl Basque

      Short Latex Basque

      – The Madness basque reaches to just below the breasts.

      – wide straps ensure a perfect fit.

      – the deep neckline on the rear side and the generous cleavage area at the front make for comfortable dressing and undressing, even without a zipper.

      – Thanks to the perfectly crafted chest area, your cleavage will become an absolute eye-catcher. We finish the basque according to your breast cup size in order to guarantee a perfect fit. Small and large breasts come both into their own.

      – The wide opening just below the fancy chest area gives the breasts a secure hold.

      – thanks to a contrasting edge finished in the colour of your choice, the neckline is further highlighted. – The rear side of the sweet basque is kept plain and simple.

      – The unique highlights are the incorporatedlittle sleeves.

      – Thanks to this special look, your shoulders remain uncovered and your upper arms are caressed by the sweet little sleeves.

      – the sleeve openings are spiced up thanks to a small flounce.

      – the flounce and sleeve openings are finished in the contrasting colour of your choice. Latex Cape

      Unusual Latex Cape

      – the cape is tightened with a drawstring around the neck

      – the drawstring is firmly worked into the neck area

      – a dreamlike, loosely-manufactured hood gives the cape a very special character

      – below the neck, the cape is very wide-cut and seductively covers your shoulders in latex

      – the little Red Riding Hood cape is slightly round-shaped

      – it is worn open at the front and as such, it draws attention to the cleavage

      – at the rear, the cape goes down to just above the waist

      – carefully glued and perfectly finished The costume is displayed in the main colour green. The blouse is crafted in transparent black and is adorned with red contrasting colour. The cape is manufactured in Red.

      SKU: LLS-DRNV2200

        Base $210.00

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