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Racy Rona

Racy Rona Latex Dress


Racy Rona likes to win and always dresses with that in mind. You can’t beat her to the finish line in this naughty design, geared for speed and making quick get-aways.

    SKU: WYR-D-0001

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      M is for more, and with this nifty little dress, they will see you coming from miles off. The M-shaped bodice is cut in 3 contrasting colors which overlap, and speaks volumes about your voluptuous chest. The cute shoulder straps and tightly-fit waist show off your winning features and the A-line skirt flows out to whip up some wind as you speed-date to the finish line. The chequered flag will be waving as you race to the top in this winning number and lift that trophy in triumph. The zipless dress means you can have some nifty pit-stops too, depending on how much rubber you burn on the track! This strappy M-shaped neckline dress without a zipper has thin shoulder straps, a large color panel on the skirt and a tri-colored top with overlapping trim. Our model in the picture is wearing a light red dress with a white mid-section and black trim. Be careful to put on and take off with care so as not to break the straps. Colors: Main : Light red Trim :Black Accent: White

      SKU: WYR-D-0001

        Base $89.99

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