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Passion Flower

Passion Flower Latex Dress


Unfold your charms with the unique design of this petal-shaped bodice dress which stops just above the knee and comes with slinky fingerless gloves.

    SKU: ZJ-D-0001

      Base Price $129.99 USD


      Come into full bloom with this low-cut bodice style dress that falls into a floral frenzy around the waist with its petal-shaped folds. Use your flower power to the max with the tight-fitted body hugger and create a bed of roses with your lover. Stopping just above the knee, it’s easy to see why you will attract quite a few honey bees eager to collect your nectar as your floral ruffles waft around your enticing derriere. Wear the seductive, fingerless red gloves to signal that you are a tantalizing bud just about to bloom into a sexy burst of passion and enjoy some romantic moments. This product comes as a single-colored bustier style dress with a ruffled petal-effect trim around the waist. Cut just above the knee with a cute bodice trim, you can choose the color of your fingerless gloves. Colors: Main: Black Straps: Transparent Gloves:Red Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: ZJ-D-0001

        Base $129.99

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