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Naughty nun

Naughty nun Latex Dress


When is the last time you looked at a nun and thought she was the sexiest thing you have ever laid eyes on. Never! Well our designers have done the impossible. Naughty nun isn’t only one of our sexiest suits. It’s one of the sexiest you will find anywhere. Wear it in the bedroom, wear when you go out, hell you can even wear it to confession. The priest may end up confiding in you!

    SKU: GSD-D-8008

      Base Price $149.00 USD


      A nuntatstic dress inspired by non other than the catholic church who probably didn’t intend for things to be this sexy .. back zipper till waist, long sleeves and a flowing hemline and a detached “habit” to cover the head

      SKU: GSD-D-8008

        Base $149.00

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