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Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Latex Dress


Moulin Rouge Latex Dress Designer: Schokomaus

    SKU: LLS-DRNV2190

      Base Price $161.00 USD


      Keep an eye on fashion and be a style queen

      Make yourself a stylish queen and enjoy a sophisticated look yourself. By wearing a rouge latex dress, whenever you will look in the mirror you will love yourself. The slim-fitting latex dress is kept you up-to-date with the trendy look. The color combination of 2 colors makes it worth buying. Front style helps you keep rocking always.

      Why you will love this latex dress?

      • This dress seems like a corset combined with a pencil skirt, a high-necked top, and sleeves – In reality, this is a single-piece high-necked latex dress
      • In order to ensure a perfect fit, the Moulin Rouge dress is custom-made to your measures. The high-necked section above the cleavage gives the dress an elegant note. A submarine neckline finishes up the design
      • A long, concealed zipper at the back makes dressing and undressing more comfortable – The high-quality zipper is worked perfectly and neatly into the design – the highlight is without doubt the central section
      • The dress has a heart-shaped cut and puts your cleavage under the spotlight, breast concavities ensure that your breasts are even better emphasized. In order to achieve the special corset effect, a lacing is threaded into the eyelets of the contrasting corset area and helps create a decorative corset effect
      • The waist area presents a contrasting seam that helps create a unique effect. The heart-shaped chest area is also additionally emphasized through the edging. This dream dress ends just about below the knee. The section below the contrasting seam around the waist is deliberately kept plain in order to focus the attention on the corset
      • The skirt section works as a slim-fitting pencil skirt and wonderfully emphasizes your figure – the rear of the Moulin Rouge dress is also an eye-catcher. The section of the dress below the shoulder blades can be finished in the main color of your choice. The decorative stripes in the waist and shoulder blade areas confer the dress a cool effect at the back as well. Similarly, to the front, there is an insert applied to the rear area that tightens up the dress in the shoulder area. In order to achieve a cool see-through effect, we advise you to choose a transparent shade for the neckline and sleeve sections
      • This dress is a masterpiece and lovingly hand-made down to the smallest detail. This dreamlike dress is elaborately glued and perfectly finished. Pictured in the main color red and contrasting color black. The neckline and sleeve sections are finished in transparent black. The corset lacing that is threaded into the eyelets is always black. Please keep this in mind when selecting your preferred color pattern. The dress is available in all color combinations

      SKU: LLS-DRNV2190

        Base $161.00

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