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Maspalomasa Latex Dress


Maspalomas Latex Dress Designer: Schokomaus

    SKU: LLS-DRNV2060

      Base Price $140.00 USD


      Enjoy your seductive version

      Maspalomas dress is designed to make you feel seductive. You will love your getup once you wear this dress. We help you keep rocking not only by opting for a lavish lifestyle but also with the help of stylish luxury clothing. This latex dress seems like an expensive dress with its beautiful outer look. Maspalomas is simply a dream dress that dresses perfectly even in the dunes of Maspalomas. Striking, seductive, and eerily sexy at the same time. It shows not too much and not too little. It playfully enwraps your body in latex and perfectly fits your curves

      Why you will love this latex dress?

      • Ankle-length, high-necked latex dress has 2 slits in the leg area guaranteeing plenty of legroom. On the front side there is an extended cloth reaching to about the ankles
      • Figure-enhancing cut looks elegant. It is tight-fitting on the thighs down to the pasted decorative lacing. The mid-thigh is slightly exposed. The dress has no sleeves but it has a small stand-up collar. Likewise, on the back side, the Maspalomas dress is completely high-necked – a zipper on the hip guarantees a comfortable dressing and undressing. The dress is manufactured overall in the contrasting color of your choice. The area around the cleavage is also manufactured in the contrast color of your choice and it additionally highlights the fancy bust line. The pasted decorative lacing on the thigh area is also bordered with the contrast color of your choice. But the highlight is without a doubt is the elaborately pasted decorative lacing around the cleavage and on the thighs
      • Small, pasted latex dots resemble buckles and result in an illusory lacing effect. The area on which the lacing is pasted to is finished in the color of your choice We recommend a transparent under-layer, for some of the pasted lacings.
      • Nonetheless, it is also possible to choose any other color. You can also choose the color of the decorative lacing.
      • The latex dress is lovingly hand-crafted and elaborately pasted. Displayed in the outlandish colors light brown and contrasting skin color. The pasted lacing has a transparent under-layer. The pasted lacing is black. The matching gloves are also available in our shop

      SKU: LLS-DRNV2060

        Base $140.00

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