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Manga Mania

Manga Mania Latex Dress


This off-the-shoulder tight fitting dress with striped features down the front and waist will show off your manga potential as you lure your mate into a fantasy adventure made for two.

    SKU: WYR-D-0009

      Base Price $89.99 USD


      Step into something slinky with this Manga-inspired dress and feel the force of your superpowers! The shoulderless design and tight-fitting body will transform you into a seductive temptress who can pick or choose at will. The strategically placed black stripes down the front and waist point to only one thing – your hidden talents – and if someone wants to discover them, they better know how to unzip you quick before you slip out of their hands. Cut above the knees and finished off with a black border, you will attract more than your fair share of desirable suitors ready to take you on in a power struggle only you can win. This monotone dress has a main color with different colored trim options to highlight the front. It has a back zip and high collar style neck with sleeveless shoulders. The dress does not come with the accessories shown or the boots worn by our model. Colors: Main: Green Trim: Black Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: WYR-D-0009

        Base $89.99

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