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Maid Deluxe

Maid Deluxe Latex Dress


Maid Deluxe Latex Dress Designer: Schokomaus

    SKU: LLS-DRNV2000

      Base Price $149.00 USD


      Our Maid Deluxe dress is a highlight for all role play enthusiasts. Role play has JUST become more interesting and all eyes will be on you once again. You will make a breathtaking housemaid in this dress. The Maid Deluxe dress is a wide-swinging dream adorned with countless ruffles. The one-of-a-kind and wonderful masterpiece will enchant you because you obviously don’t get to see such an original dress every day. The sugar-sweet swinging dress can be worn with or without an apron The Maid Deluxe matching apron is available separately in our shop. And the beautiful thing is that with the Maid Deluxe you can also choose breast cups in your desired size. Cups available range from A to F, putting your neckline in the spotlight. This dress already belongs to my favourite garments and I think you will also quickly fall in love with it.

      -without gloves

      – wide-swinging latex dress
      – the upper part is very slim-fit and figure-hugging
      – from the waist down, the dress becomes wide-swinging and caresses your thighs with lovely latex
      – thanks to the breathtaking cut, the “Maid Deluxe” dress wonderfully emphasizes your figure – the lower part, including ruffles, reaches to about mid-upper thigh
      – the elaborately inserted breast cups are available from size A to F Therefore, this dress is also suitable for larger bust sizes.
      – the top-quality breast cups are bordered in the contrasting color of your choice.
      – short, elaborately manufactured puff-sleeves complete this frisky design
      – on the rear side, a hidden zipper facilitates dressing and undressing
      – the neckline is a fantastic eye-catcher
      – the highlights of the “Maid Deluxe dress are the lovingly handmade countless ruffles that are subsequently applied to the dress.
      – the swinging dress is adorned with ruffles in the contrasting color of your choice. The ruffles garnish the neckline, bottom of the dress, and sleeve openings in order to achieve a sensational effect
      – about 10 cm above the bottom end of the dress, a decorative stripe in the contrasting color of your choice achieves an additional contrast
      – the dream dress “Maid Deluxe is lovingly handmade down to the smallest detail
      – elaborately glued and perfectly crafted
      – the dress is displayed in the main color metallic red and contrasting color metallic black
      – the “Maid Deluxe dress is available in all color combinations

      SKU: LLS-DRNV2000

        Base $149.00

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