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Lovely Lolita

Lovely Lolita Latex Dress


A flouncy, carefree dress with a flirtatious V-shaped collar that will seduce anyone who falls for your girly charms.

    SKU: FDW-D-0003

      Base Price $169.99 USD


      The lovely off-the-shoulder neckline reveals your full cleavage in this flouncy dress, which is perfect for little girls who like to dress up and have fun. Twirl around to swish out the knee-length skirt and raise the room temperature to fever pitch. The lacy collar and cross-strap design are extra features on this zipless dress that will make any sugar daddy fall in love. The faux belt shows off your tiny waist and accentuates your womanly charms, which are yet to be discovered. Have fun in this delightful Lolita-style dress and throw caution to the wind – be young, carefree and super sexy! The Three-color flowing dress has a dramatic plunging U style neckline and a faux bustier and belt in a classic swing design. Our model is sporting the dark red version with black trim. The fingless gloves our model is wearing are included. Colors: Main: Dark Red Trim Panels: Black Trim: White

      SKU: FDW-D-0003

        Base $169.99

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