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Lonely Huntress

Lonely Huntress Latex Dress


The M-shaped neckline with long neck strap and fitted design revealing an inviting cleavage make this dress a must for those who want to snare their prey with style.

    SKU: FDW-D-0013

      Base Price $99.99 USD


      She’s on the prowl and won’t give up until her prey is well and truly caught. In this dress, the Lonely Huntress is bound to find what she’s looking for with its long neck strap and skin-tight design. When caught on the long strap, she will pull her prey into her lair and an M-shaped neckline gives a taste of what they are about to discover. Wide contrasting shoulder straps attach to a curvaceous short dress designed to accentuate a killer body that shows off every angle for optimum pleasure. The three-tone dress has no zipper so once you are in it, be careful not to play rough and break those straps. This outfit is a M-neck dress with thick shoulder straps and two color trim along the sides and back. Our model in the picture is wearing the black version with dark grey trim and dark red straps. There is no zipper on this outfit so wear with care. The collar with leash our model is wearing is included. Colors: Main : Black Trim : Dark Grey Straps : Dark Red

      SKU: FDW-D-0013

        Base $99.99

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