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Little Loop

Little Loop Latex Dress


Little Loop Latex Dress Designer: Schokomaus

    SKU: LLS-DRNV2140

      Base Price $119.00 USD


      Sugar sweet and Playful flare the right words for this dreamlike Ribbon dress

      – Little Loop has many exciting details and becomes an instant eye-catcher, regardless where you show up with it

      – Little Loop is a Rockabilly style dress and a real small masterpiece

      – It is ideal for people that love to break ranks

      – the upper part of the Little Loop dress is slim-fitting

      – around 4 cm-wide coloured shoulder straps offer a beautiful contrast

      – a special eye-catcher is also the contrasting coloured neckline that perfectly highlights your cleavage

      – the chest area is lightly ruffled

      – A wide decorative band in the centre gives the neckline its cool shape

      – around the waist area, there is a 4 cm-wide waistband that wonderfully highlights the waist

      – a sweet ribbon inserted on the waistband makes the dress look very frisky

      – the skirt is wide-swinging and reaches to above the knee

      – there is another larger ribbon inserted into a decorative band just about the lower end of the skirt

      – the dress is completed by an additional colour outline at the lower end of the skirt

      – under the lovely wide-swinging dress you can also wear a petticoat to achieve an additional exciting effect

      – on the rear side, there is a half-length zipper that allows comfortable dressing and undressing

      -the dress ends just above the shoulder blade

      – lovingly hand-made down to the smallest detail

      – elaborately glued and perfectly crafted

      – the dress is displayed in the main colour light blue and contrasting colour red

      SKU: LLS-DRNV2140

        Base $119.00

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