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Linear Love

Linear Love Latex Dress


This tight-fitting dress and liner details cut just above the knee will give you the upper edge in the love parade.

    SKU: LS-D-0001

      Base Price $99.99 USD


      This slinky, tight-fitting dress will make your man want to cross the line time and time again and why say no? There are no rules in this nifty number as the thin neck design and prominent chest cut will have you pulling the strings. A tight black body and white taped detail on the chest and waist lead to a back zipper that is easily opened, making it easy to slip in and out. Cut just above the knee, you know where to draw the line on sex appeal and will have no complaints from your lover in this linear outfit. Our model is wearing a strappy back-zip two tone dress in black with a white trim and matching straps. The dress does not come with accessories or the shoes worn by the model. Colors: Main: Black Straps: White Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: LS-D-0001

        Base $99.99

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