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Lake Garda Latex Dress

Lake Garda Latex Dress Latex Dress


Lake Garda Latex Dress Designer: Schokomaus

    SKU: LLS-DRNV2120

      Base Price $115.00 USD


      Show off your love for a chic dress

      Isn’t this dress just a jewel? Little dots are a timeless trend. And when the little dots are found on the quillings, that is yet another special eye-catcher. One thing is certain: To wear the Lake Garda Dress you need to be bold – but for this boldness, you will be rewarded with countless compliments and admiring glances. With some yummy combination of red and white, make yourself a style queen. This garda latex dress is a lovely piece designed for you. The deep scoop neck and ruffled bottom completely make it a masterpiece to wear anywhere. This small dress is the choice for those who love to look like a sexy model.

      Why you will love the garda latex dress?

      • In this outfit, you will be PERFECTLY dressed for a number of occasions
      • Even in the middle of Lake Garda, this dress is the absolute highlight. This frisky small dress will make you a STAR in any situation
      • A tight, figure-enhancing dress is slim-fit
      • On the front, the dress, quillings included, reaches to mid-thigh. On the rear, the dress, quillings included, reaches to just above the back of the knee
      • The motto here is shorter in front and longer behind
      • -Plenty of legroom is guaranteed
      • A glamorous, deep neckline marvelously highlights your cleavage
      • The short sleeves lightly caress the shoulders and show some skin nonetheless. Dress is, therefore, the ideal companion for the summer.
      • A short, hidden zipper on the rear side allows you to slide into this dream dress without any difficulty. However, this dream dresse’s highlight is the flounce, which is simply unique.
      • The quillings magically flow about the neckline and end at the nape of the neck. On the front side, they flow a little lower towards the waist
      • At the bottom of the dress, the flounce beautifully flatters your legs
      • The flounce is made in the contrasting color of your choice
      • Every dress is unique, as every single dot is lovingly hand-applied to the quillings
      • Loving handwork down to the smallest detail with perfect and tidy finishing
      • Displayed in the color combination of the red and contrasting color white
      • The matching wrist-warmers are also available in our shop
      • The color shown in the photo is red + white trim

      SKU: LLS-DRNV2120

        Base $115.00

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