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Jungle Fever Latex Dress

Jungle Fever Latex Dress Latex Dress


Jungle Fever Latex Dress

Designer: Schokomaus

    SKU: LLS-DRNV2240

      Base Price $102.00 USD


      Unique dress is love for every female

      Are you wondering how could you look different in a latex dress? This jungle fever latex dress comes with a new style to let you enjoy your own new look. The alternate contrast sleeves with the slim-fitting style contribute best to show off your love for stylish outfits. The makes your love for fashion dresses more prominent with this latex dress. Enjoy your own charm with this beautiful latex dress.

      Why you will love this latex dress?

      • Figure-fitting latex dress having long sleeves reaches to about mid-thigh
      • In the back, a long, concealed zip has been incorporated into the design, which extends approximately to the thigh
      • Thus, nothing stands in the way of a very convenient getting in and out of the latex dress
      • This best latex dress is a dream dress for those who love fashion and style as it is designed with only one arm. The design of the One Arm style is also continued on the back
      • Another highlight of this dress is the area being worked to score the great effect and also completely wraps the right arm in latex towards the neck
      • A round neckline adorns the neck area without restricting
      • On the transparent sleeves two narrow contrast stripes, also in the main color, are attached to round out the overall design of the latex dress
      • The elaborate dress Jungle Fever is loving crafted to the smallest detail and the garment is glued and crafted perfectly
      • Available in all color combinations

      SKU: LLS-DRNV2240

        Base $102.00

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