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Happy Hipster

Happy Hipster Latex Dress


Your hips won’t lie in this sophisticated, body-hugging dress, which reveals all of your curves with its clever waist panelling and two-tone design.

    SKU: WYR-D-0006

      Base Price $99.99 USD


      Get into the groove with this simple, hip-hugging dress and show off that tapered waistline when you wiggle your booty. Simplicity is the key to the clever cut, with arc-shaped segments emphasising your gorgeous curves from top to bottom and back to front. Easy on-off is provided by zip fastenings both to the front and back so you can slip in and out in a second. The sleeveless design matches the even shorter hemline, putting a real kick in your step, while the two-tone panelling creates that convex effect of a larger booty and smaller waist. Made for girls who just wanna have fun! Our tight-hipped dress is sure to show off your assets in style. With both a front and back zip, the main color in this dress is black, with a light grey trim. Colors: Main: Black Trim Panels: Light Grey Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: WYR-D-0006

        Base $99.99

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