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Flirty Butterfly

Flirty Butterfly Latex Dress


Create the butterfly effect with this captivating dress featuring a V-neck cut that resembles a small wing, with a strappy cross-back design and flouncy hemline.

    SKU: LS-D-0002

      Base Price $119.99 USD


      Transform into an eye-catching butterfly in this V-neck dress with winged detail on the bodice and lure your mate to come closer for a sneak peek. The enticing flounce on the cuff gives a feminine touch while the open-back cross-strap design is an interesting detail that will make you a sight for sore eyes. The suggestive knee-length hemline is finished off with a flirtatious flounce that will raise more than just eyebrows when you strut your stuff. Slip into this figure-hugging dress and feel the freedom as you flit from day to night and enjoy being the centre of attention. This ½ sleeve, back-zip, v-neck outfit comes in a main color and strap color of your choice. The skirt is designed to end just above the knees, with feminine ruffles along the arms and a flounce at the skirt hemline. The dress does not come with accessories or the boots that our model is wearing. Colors: Main: Black Straps: White Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: LS-D-0002

        Base $119.99

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