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Fancy Flora

Fancy Flora Latex Dress


Fancy Flora likes to flirt, and that’s why she chose this cute little dress for a fun night out. The strappy chest cut and curvy hemline with ruffled finish are a tantalising treat!

    SKU: WYR-D-0005

      Base Price $129.99 USD


      It’s girl’s night out and Fancy Flora slips into her favorite dress for a flirtatious evening of frills and fun. The attractive V-line neck and sling straps create a stunning chest line that will have all eyes on her as the tightly-fitted bodice accentuates her girly charms. The curvy cut from the waist down spreads into an A-line hem finished off with a bouncy frill that will have tongues wagging in no time. A contrasting trim on the neckline and waist play on the senses while if you are looking for a zipper, you won’t find one. Want to have fun like Fancy Flora? Grab this dress now! Our flirty little dress has two shoulder straps that lift the bodice while the a-line hem sways back and forth as you move. No zipper, it comes in two colors, with a main one and trim. Our model is sporting the purple red version with a black trim. The dress does not come with any accessories or the pumps our model is wearing. Colors: Main : Purple Red Trim : Black Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: WYR-D-0005

        Base $129.99

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