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Electric Swing Latex Dress

Electric Swing Latex Dress Latex Dress


electric swing single colored latex dress loose fitting, light and airy

    SKU: LLS-D-2110

      Base Price $133.00 USD


      Electric Rose Latex Dress
      – Designer: Schokomaus
      – Model: Schokomaus
      This enchanting dress is the ideal companion for the upcoming summer
      – It is light and sexy at the same time
      – In it, You’ll be the bombshell at every party or just simply in private
      – short, swinging dress
      – elaborately and joyfully crafted
      – an inserted buckle serves as ornament below the chest on the front and rear sides – it is not functional
      – the delighting neckline is simply a crazy highlight for your cleavage
      – the dress is slightly ruffled in the breast area
      – the gathers wonderfully highlight your neckline
      – therefore, there is enough space for large breasts as well
      – wide straps make the dress look very classy
      – on the rear side, the dress is high-necked
      – it has no zipper on the rear side and yet, the wide neckline allows for problem-free dressing and undressing
      – the dress is very slim-fitting
      – below the waist, the wide-swinging skirt caresses your hips seductively
      – lovingly hand-crafted down to the smallest detail
      – best in the wonderful pink and contrasting color black, but we do not have electric rose color as shown in the photo.

      If you want to buy the neck band individually,

      neck band is here here This product is the dress only. Accessories are not included

      SKU: LLS-D-2110

        Base $133.00

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