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Double Trouble

Double Trouble Latex Dress


With this dress you get double the trouble – and the fun. A lively color combo gives the illusion of 2 dresses in one, with the U-shaped plunge neckline accentuating your bountiful breasts.

    SKU: YY-D-0001

      Base Price $89.99 USD


      Cut to cling to your body, this dress has a deep-plunge neckline that could get you into a lot of trouble, if that’s what you’re after. It emphasizes your chest and draws attention to your full bosom, giving you a super boost of confidence. The double ruffled folds start at the back and go from waist to hem to create the illusion of 2 dresses in 1, with the brightly contrasting colors fusing together to intensify the effect. Ending well above the knee with a long back zipper, there’s no knowing what a fix you could get into when you walk out in this stunning head-turner. And if it’s trouble you’re looking for, we know how you can find it, so get yours now! This two-color U-neck back zip dress has a unique sash of ruffles that start at the back along the front to the hem. You can select the main color and trim of your choice. In the picture, our model is wearing a red dress with a purple trim. Colors: Main : Red Trim and Sash : Purple Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: YY-D-0001

        Base $89.99

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