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Arousing Royalty

Arousing Royalty Latex Dress


Purple is the color of royalty and in this outfit, don’t be surprised if people bow upon your entrance. Fit for a queen, this dress will have you being worshiped along with the ground you walk on. Don’t be afraid to put the peasants in their place whilst you the kingsman grovel at your feet. Long live the queen!

    SKU: GSD-D-1019

      Base Price $175.00 USD


      3/4 length skirt on this governess style dress; white trim with hand built ruffles and cuffs. The cut gives it a faux vest look in the front with flowing lines in the back. The long back zipper goes from just below the waist to the beckof the neck

      SKU: GSD-D-1019

        Base $175.00

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