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Vinyl Punk

Vinyl Punk Latex Catsuit


A suit full of fleshy fun for those who aren’t afraid to bear it all, the deep V-neck and backless outfit will really get them going.

    SKU: FDW-C-0018

      Base Price $139.99 USD


      Gear up in this erotic doggy-style collar and off-the- shoulder bodysuit. The deep front slit down to the navel reveals just how daring you are, with your tight abs on show. Enjoy flaunting your back bits with the wide rear opening down to the waist, held together with a small buckle at the shoulders. Your fans will go wild when you wear this punky number, and as you strut your stuff, the V-shaped pants will give them plenty of satisfaction. Tight and revealing, the two-tone outfit with contrasting body and legs is ideal for bad boys looking for some hot action! Our open-back catsuit has a zip from front belly through crotch till hip back and V-slit down the chest and abdomen with a neck ring. The open back is secured with a buckle to join the shoulders. Colors: Main: Black Trim: Dark Grey Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: FDW-C-0018

        Base $139.99

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