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Tin Man

Tin Man Latex Catsuit


It’s time for you to channel your inner Iron-man and stun the girls down at the beach with your looks!

    SKU: HMZ-C-0011

      Base Price $189.99 USD


      Dark red, gold, black, and light grey—who thought these colors could be combined on a skin-tight suit in a way that can make the person wearing it an instant hit at any party he shows up at? We give you the ultimate Iron-suit for beaches, costume parties, house parties, and pretty much any occasion that you want to make your own! Made out of nothing but an industry-grade fabric that is comfortable, stretchable, and durable, this outfit features a design pattern that is similar to that of an Iron-man suit from those Marvel comics you grew up with. The gloves are black, the boots are red and black, the ‘arc reactor’ is grey, and the overall design is balanced with these colors in a very attractive way. Suit up with style and don’t forget to wear some cool sunglasses and rock that Tony Stark beard with this masterpiece! The gloves and socks our model is wearing are not included in the base price but can be selected if you desire them. Colors: Main:Dark Red Highlights: Gold Trim: Black Accents: Light Grey Zipper: Color: Red Size: #5

      SKU: HMZ-C-0011

        Base $189.99

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