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The Boardroom Babe

The Boardroom Babe Latex Catsuit


In this high powered pantsuit, there’s no question who’s in charge. You will own the boardroom and the bedroom and have your team whipped right into shape. If your favorite position is CEO, then this plunging neckline will take you right to the top. For the first time in business history, it’s good to be in the red.

    SKU: GCD-C-0020

      Base Price $139.00 USD


      Open front catsuit with a ruffled neckline sure to show off those assets of yours; this catsuit has a long zipper that starts from the belly and goes to the back of the neck with a head-on both sides in case you have needs down there and don’t want to take everything off. And why would you? This stunning number is going to look hot no matter where you are or what you are doing The model is showing wearing our red color, with red zip. And like all of our products its completely customizable. Therefore you can have it in any color you want and adjust the sleeves and gloves to match your desire

      SKU: GCD-C-0020

        Base $139.00

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