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Superhero Hottie

Superhero Hottie Latex Catsuit


Your mission is to save the world from boredom with this super hottie hero outfit, designed to make you armed and dangerous!

    SKU: FDW-C-0011

      Base Price $169.99 USD


      Dress up in this armor-style superhero suit and make it your mission to save the world (or your love life) from boredom. A shining star-shaped chest medal shows you have no fear when it comes to risking it all and the geometric shaping gives that full-metal jacket effect. Grab your partner with the fingerless gloves and engage in an action-packed power struggle, which you know you will win as you dazzle him with your fancy charms. The contrasting bustier and inner-thigh inlays, fashioned with contrasting strips and colors, show that you have a lot of dangerous superpowers, and now is the time to use them! A multicolor back-zip catsuit with a bright design and star accrutments. Contrasting armor-like panels, detachable belt and fingerless gloves make your superpowers obvious for all to see. Some pictures of this outfit shows attached fingerless gloves, these are not included in the base price but can be selected if you desire them. Colors: Main: Dark Blue Body: Dark Red Belt and Trim: Yellow Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: FDW-C-0011

        Base $169.99

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