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See-Thru Siren

See-Thru Siren Latex Catsuit


Beware of the See-Thru Siren – she will lure you into her deep sea cave and keep you there with her seductive charms and sexy talents.

    SKU: FDW-C-0028

      Base Price $129.99 USD


      A totally seductive catsuit designed to lure lovers into your den, where you can seduce them at will. Who can resist the tempting, transparent body with suggestive scalloped cut and deep-plunge neckline? Suitors will be falling over themselves to discover more of your sultry secrets as you call them to come closer. Tight-fitting legs and a see-thru back give a sneak preview of what they will miss if they don’t heed your call. Lure them into your secret world with a black catsuit full of intriguing surprises and enjoy revealing all! This sleeveless number has a back zip and faux belt with a small silver buckle on the front. Colors: Main: Transparent Black Leggings: Black Trim: Transparent Zipper: Color: Black Zipper Size: #5

      SKU: FDW-C-0028

        Base $129.99

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