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Savatar Latex Catsuit


Get your avatar ready. It’s time to play the game!

    SKU: HMZ-C-0004

      Base Price $169.99 USD


      Most men, at one point in time or the other, have fantasized about being the lead character of their favorite video game. This surfer suit is ideal for you to experience how your avatar would look if you were in the realm of your favorite first-person shooter or sci-fi video game. Fabricated for comfort, this skin-tight surfer suit is bound to get you some low-key attention at just about anywhere you show up. The dark salmon in the design is complemented nicely by the dark grey which prevents the motif from being too bright or over-the-top. The tight fit is ideal for you to show off those shoulders and biceps you’ve been paying attention to in the gym. It’s time for you to embrace the avatar and play the game! The toe socks our model is wearing are not included but can be selected if you desire them. Colors: Main: Dark Salmon Accents: Dark Grey Trim: Black Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: HMZ-C-0004

        Base $169.99

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