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Rowdy Wrestler

Rowdy Wrestler Latex Catsuit


Your partner won’t want to tap out when you’ve got them pinned with this on. A rear-naked chokehold is only the beginning of possible moves you can pull. You won’t need a referee when you’ve got a no holds bar match in the bedroom. Going below the belt is encouraged. Jump in from the top rope and perform an over under. You can increase your riding time while perfecting a squeeze. You won’t get disqualified, as long as you can keep good form. Ding Ding!

    SKU: GCD-C-0023

      Base Price $79.00 USD


      This is a single-piece wrestler style suit, front or back zip is available for however you’d prefer to dress up to hit the gym, work out or work in . The model is wearing a black suit, with white trim. black #5 zipper boots are not included

      SKU: GCD-C-0023

        Base $79.00

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