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Rocket Girl

Rocket Girl Latex Catsuit


Get ready for lift-off in a space-age catsuit that will take you to unexplored galaxies in supersonic style.

    SKU: FDW-C-0002

      Base Price $119.99 USD


      Get those engines blasting as you lift-off in a stylish catsuit inspired by the Apollo moon mission with its futuristic design. The head-to-toe outfit has a skin-tight fit to show off your well-rounded curves, and body-shaping contrasting color panels for extra rocket power. A revealing V-neck accentuates the generous bust area while the symmetrical color design will dazzle mission control. Buckle up in this spacey suit for a ride that will take you out of this world and explore galaxies far, far away. The back zip allows for easy manoeuvres as you slide in and out with ease, making ‘space’ exploration that much more interesting. Our two-color back-zip catsuit has default long sleeves with selectable trim and legs. A sharp V-cut in the chest emphasizes your assets and the slimming fit shows off your curves to the max. Colors: Main: Black Trim: Dark Blue Zipper: Color: Black Size:#5

      SKU: FDW-C-0002

        Base $119.99

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