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Purry Panther

Purry Panther Latex Catsuit


Put a little purr into your love life as you slip into this super-sexy backless catsuit with detachable collar and contrasting side trim.

    SKU: FDW-C-0001

      Base Price $129.99 USD


      Go on the prowl with this slinky backless catsuit and see if you can find your perfect mate! The tight-fitting cut of this glossy all-in-one defines your curves, while its low-cut V-neck adds an extra tabby touch. Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat – it just makes those Toms want to come closer for a better look. Contrasting colored panels on the waist and a buckle belt are stylish additions while the backless design is bound to encourage some wild cat-calling. The glossy fabric shows off your stealthy prowess and feline charms to perfection! This slinky two-color catsuit features the main body color and additional trim of your choice. The detachable collar fits at the shoulders and can be changed to another color based on the product options. Colors: Main: Black Trim: White Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: FDW-C-0001

        Base $129.99

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