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Naughty Nezha

Naughty Nezha Latex Catsuit


Inspired by Nezha, a boy-god in Chinese mythology capable of defeating mighty serpents. This little outfit is full of oriental charm.

    SKU: FDW-C-0030

      Base Price $129.99 USD


      Fancy yourself as Nezha the boy-god, known throughout China for his mythological ability to slay serpents? Then grab this cute catsuit and start living your fantasies! The oriental theme of the lotus-petal shoulders and chest area will put you right in the mood, with contrasting colours to define your waist and rear. The front and neck are cut into triangles and decorated with flounces for a feminine touch and a three-dimensional effect. Remember that Nezha is a demi-god who can slay serpents, but you can simply add them to your collection and take them out whenever you please. Front-zip costume inspired by Nezha, a deity of Chinese Mythology. With three-quarter sleeves and a skin-tone base color, the outfit comes in two colors (please select) and the boots that our model is wearing are not included. Colors: Main: Transparent Trim: Purple Red Zipper: Color: Black Size: #5

      SKU: FDW-C-0030

        Base $129.99

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