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Little buzz

Little buzz Latex Catsuit


Little Buzz, the sexy latex catsuit that let your legs breath. Wear them it in the bedroom, or wear them it to ride a bike. Little Buzz’s design allows you to wear them anywhere you like. Codpiece covers the crotch but can be removed if you like because we aim to please. The yellow trim makes this a unique combination. Women won’t be able to resist flirtation. Buy this piece now one of the hottest in the nation!

    SKU: GSD-C-8024

      Base Price $69.00 USD


      Front zip catsuit, by default with black main color and yellow trim. A codpiece covers the plumbing but can be ordered without it – the configuration can be changed to remove this option – see the options on the product.

      SKU: GSD-C-8024

        Base $69.00

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