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Heartbeat Suit

Heartbeat Suit Latex Catsuit


Heartbeat Latex Catsuit

    SKU: LLS-CS-2790

      Base Price $179.00 USD


      Feel like a celebrity

      Are you obsessed with the heart theme and looking to add a trendy outfit inspired by the heart theme? This heartbeat catsuit is crafted with the best design detailing and high-waisted style. To keep you up with the latest fashion sense, the heartbeat catsuit equally gives fashion and a modernized look.

      Why you will love this heartbeat catsuit?

      • A higher waistband for a flat bellyand very silhouette sculpting defines your figure well
      • There is a hidden zipper in the catsuit that provides with freedom foryour fantasies! The zipper opens on one sideand is placed in latex lodging to prevent injury.
      • Inspired by the heart theme,the legging’s; highlights are the transparentlatex heart inlays, one heart decorates the thigh, the otherdecorates the shin
      • You can get the embellished hearts in the colors of your choice for this stylish catsuit
      • There is a choice to choose the primary color of legging as per your choice to match this heartbeat catsuit

      SKU: LLS-CS-2790

        Base $179.00

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