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Agent of chill

Agent of chill Latex Catsuit


Become the agent of chill with this aqua-suit!

    SKU: FDW-C-0042

      Base Price $159.99 USD


      When you are on the beach, it is a good idea to wear colors that are tranquil and soft, instead of going red and black in the sun, especially if you’re out just relaxing. Designed to embody the chill in you, this skin-tight suit features a minimalistic design with Dark blue and sky blue colors. The neck of the full-body suit is round, with the arm-sleeves featuring a section at the end you can put your thumbs in! Suit up in this comfortable, stretchable, waterproof surfer suit to instantly communicate the soft feeling of comfort you get when you’re around someone who has a calm, relaxed, easy-going personality. The studies show that this is what attracts babes the most. Maybe it is time to be less aggressive and more laid-back, and to put this theory to the test! Some pictures of this outfit shows five toes shocks and attached fingerless gloves, these are not included in the base price but can be selected if you desire them. Colors: Main:Dark Blue Trim: Light Sky Blue Zipper: Color: Light Grey Size: #5

      SKU: FDW-C-0042

        Base $159.99

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