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Actionable Hero

Actionable Hero Latex Catsuit


Become the spaceship commander from planet sexy!

    SKU: HMZ-C-0010

      Base Price $179.99 USD


      If you are in average shape, a skin-tight suit can do a lot for you, and this suit is the perfect example of that. Built keeping in mind Superheroes like Iron man (Marvel comics) and the Blue Beetle (DC comics), this is a suit that will make you look like the sci-fi action hero this city deserves! The suite features a futuristic design layout, with lines and structures denoting boots that are V-shaped, plates that run down the obliques, shoulder guards, and a glorious plate in the middle of the chest—something that looks like the family crest of a space commander. On top of being something that will turn some heads your way at the beach, this blue, black, and light grey suit can be a good idea for costume parties as well. All you’ll need is a blue or black mask! Some pictures of this outfit shows attached socks, these are not included in the base price but can be selected if you desire them. Colors: Main: Blue Highlights: Light Grey Pants: Black Trim:Light Sky blue Zipper: Color: Dark Blue Size: #5

      SKU: HMZ-C-0010

        Base $179.99

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