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Action Girl Latex Catsuit

Action Girl Latex Catsuit Latex Catsuit


Action Girl Latex Catsuit Designer + Model: Schokomaus

    SKU: LLS-DRNV2800

      Base Price $148.00 USD


      Enhance your styling accent

      You need some sophisticated dress to keep yourself looking distinctive in the crowd. What about the stylish latex catsuit that actually makes you feel like a model and helps you show your love for chic dresses? The latex catsuit is the most elegant addition to your wardrobe. Your styling speaks for itself when you choose your outfit with a detailed fashion touch.

      Why you will love a latex catsuit?

      • A totally unusual and unique Cat suit a gun license is required to handle it
      • The Action Girl Cat Suit is totally FLASHY but plain and sexy at the same time. It restrains your breasts and therefore allows you to see, but not too much
      • Short-sleeved latex catsuit – deep, slightly round cleavage reaching below the breasts
      • The belly area is completely covered. and the Action Girl catsuit has a slight bell bottom. the rest of the catsuit is very slim-fitting and waisted
      • A complete, hidden, 2-way, end-to-end zipper considerably facilitates the dressing and undressing. the zipper goes all the way down the spine, over the crotch, and ends on the front side, in the hip area. on the inner side of the suit, the zipper is in a lodge to prevent injury
      • The catsuit highlight many buckles available in the colors of your choice. an adjustable buckle decorates each side of the sleeve extremities. A wide neck buckle decorates the collar, making the neck area further adjustable. the absolute eye-catcher is nonetheless the 3 adjustable buckles in the breast area. with them, you can wonderfully restrain and define your breasts and decide how tight you want your catsuit to be in the breast area. your cleavage is further highlighted by a border strip in the color of your choice around the cleavage and underneath the breasts
      • Wearing the catsuit together with the Action Girl Waist-Buckled Bodice.

        Note: shown Action Girl Latex gloves can be purchased here other accessories not included

      SKU: LLS-DRNV2800

        Base $148.00

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