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Latex Thickness

What thickness works best for my shiny thing? 


The majority of latex clothing is made in a thickness 0.40. it is the closest to “cloth” in feel and fit.

The thicker the latex, the firmer but also the stiffer.  For some products you can configure very thin latex (0.25 mm) to super thick latex in 1.05 mm (similar to a bicycle tire).

A skirt / dress you can be fine  from 0.40 / 0.50 mm latex. But if you want to a tough men’s skirt for example, we recommend thicker latex. Because otherwise it is not a tough men’s skirt but it flutters like a summer skirt around the man … and they often do not want that.  Ok, some do but you get the point — 

You can also easily combine various thicknesses with each other in a lot of our products

Powder Inside – Silicone Outside

This is a very common option and lets us do the hard work of polishing the outside for you. The inside is still dry powder, but we do the work of the initial outside shine for you!

Silicone inside and outside

this is a bit less common but some people ask for it. We polish both the inside and the outside here at the factory which makes this type of outfit shiny and slick all the way around. Its a little more common on coats and outside layers that are not always going directly next to the skin.


This is a chemical process which is done after the product is built. Latex is a small matrix lattice (microscopic window screen) which is what makes it tough and gives it its unique properties, but it also means that you have to polish it and shine it when you wear it. By exposing the latex to Chlorine the lattice is filled and the latex is no longer completely porous . This makes wearing the latex easier and allows a little less maintenance but with the expense that the latex isn’t quite as soft anymore and repairs can be more difficult

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