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What Gender do you identify your shiny things with?


Since all of our shiny creations are hand made and can be cut to nearly any specification we have adopted a 4 “gender” standard.  This includes two traditional and two non-traditional patterns.   Outside of these cuts and patterns we can do anything with our custom and made to measure services.


  • Female
    Traditional cut with wider hips, more material for breasts and a smooth crotch
  • Male
    Traditional cut with flat chest, more proportionate hips and some room in the crotch for the family jewelry
  • Female To Male
    Cut with a flatter chest, narrower hips (more proportionate) and a tighter crotch area to show your stuff off.

    Use the female size chart when selecting the size.

  • Male to Female
    Cut with a generous chest (for use with prostetics) wider hips and a tight crotch for wearing a gaff or other proestetic
    Use the male size chart when selecting the size.

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