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Unleash your creativity.  As a professional apparel manufacturer, we are able to produce almost all kinds of clothing.  We produce fully-customized apparel for women, men, and everything in between. We’ve manufactured almost all kinds of beautiful designs, including shirts, long-sleeve shirts, dress shirts, hoodies, jeans, trousers, dresses, skirts, catsuits, and many more.   Our team has many years of experience in the fashion industry and especially in the construction of complicated items.

Let us help you make your dream come true!

How to  get started
1. send us an email at  [email protected]   Put the words “custom design” in the subject line, along with something else that makes it identifiable  

2. include in that email pictures, diagrams, sketches, crayon markups of what you are looking for us to create

3. tell us your sizes (roughly)  when we get to quoting it we will want more detail

4. tell us your timeline,  if you need it for a party next saturday night, we probably can’t get it for you, but if you can wait for it to be properly made we are good.

Now for the fine print

We do not copy other peoples designs.    If you’ve pulled a design from another site and want to just get a better deal, this isn’t the same thing.

We do not copy or use other peoples trademarks.  We can license a lot of things and as such a license fee may be applied to your quote for that use.

Parody items or other similar creations within the area of “fair use” are fine.   We like that.  In fact if you bring us something with a trademark and ask that we parody it, we can do that for sure!

Once a quote is accepted, no takebacks.  We don’t charge for the labor of putting the quote together for you, but once its done its done.   You pay for it, its covered under the warrenty and other terms inside our TOS below; but we don’t refund for a custom item that we did the quote and design work on.

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